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Volunteers are of course highly appreciated within IJssel landscape! Together we make the IJssel landscape even more beautiful and fascinating and thanks to our volunteers, beautiful projects are carried out for the benefit of our environment and the foundation. Many hands make light work. 

There are various groups of enthusiasts such as; the nature workers/green crew, hostesses/lords for guiding the excursions, storytellers, archive volunteers, etc. We are regularly looking for volunteers for one of the existing groups or for new functions. This can be in all kinds of areas such as going on the road with school children, telling stories, hosts and wives, doing hand and span services around activities, writing texts, etc…. . See the description of all current volunteer positions and vacancies below.

If you are interested in a position as a volunteer at IJssel landscape, please contact us by phone on 0570-635955. You can also fill in the registration form or respond by email to